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My Educational Philosophy

If a student does not learn, then teaching has not taken place.

I believe that a student’s life will be transformed by the education process through teaching and modeling.  Teaching includes creating an environment that recognizes and respects individual differences such as learning styles and both physical and intellectual developmental stages.  Students learn through a combination of life experiences, discovery, observing examples, listening to lectures, all of which require the use of all five senses.

            Every student has the ability to learn and can be taught.  Every student is open to learning.  By the time a student enters the classroom, he has already learned many things from his environment, whether appropriate or inappropriate.  A students’ home environment is not under the control of the teacher.  However, the classroom or learning environment is under the direct control of the teacher.  Through the use of multiple teaching strategies, the teacher facilitates both intellectual and social growth.  Also, the teacher prepares the student for life, through decision making, logical thinking, and other analytical problem solving skills.