Ms. Destinie classes

Who is teaching your child?



Hello my name is Ms. Destinie and I am one of the wonderful third grade teachers her at the Coral Academy, I specialize in the Math and Science department.

Here is a little bit about my educations. I graduated from UNLV with B.S. in Elementary Education. The best thing about my education at UNLV was the semester I taught overseas, in Ireland. This opportunity game me a chance to see education in another part of the world. It was an experience of a life-time, and with that I have a lot to share with these students.

This year will be a great year! My goal is to continue to challenge each student and help them rise to their highest ability. This will give them the power to achieve in all areas which will carry them thru their education. I am here along with all the teacher and faculty to help build students be successful and proud. I will do everything I can to make each student come always with a love of learning and an appreciation for self- successes. I am looking for- ward to making this a fun, safe and exciting year..