Below you will find all the Math work for the week indicated.

Do not try and get all your work done at once!  Do a little bit of work from each subject every day!  Remember, our target is around 2 hours of learning per day.

You can also find this work shared with you online through new Subject Folders in your School-shared Google Drive Account.





Weekly Math Tasks – June 22-25


We have reached the final week of your Grade 8 Distance Learning!  Thank you to everyone who put in the time and effort to really maximize your learning opportunities over this strange and unpredictable term!  Please pay particular attention to Task 1 as I would like you to complete that before anything else this week and submit it to me for feedback!


Task 1


Probability Activity


In our shared folder you will find a file called Grade 8 Math Assignment: Probability.


Please make your own copy of this document and complete it for submission.


This is an activity that will engage you in some probability games and problem solving.  Put your answers directly onto the page of your document and, when complete, submit to me for feedback.


Task 2


Because Probability is such a short unit today we can go over a few final questions related to this study.


Open your textbooks to page 498.


On that page you can complete # 1, 3, 4, 6, 7


Also note that there are the final Mathletics tasks of the term now available.  They will have been active in your accounts since Monday morning.  We can announce who the top point getters were as of Wednesday evening….

Points are awarded for a combination of visits, correct answer, and time within the site.


Task 3


Today would be a great opportunity to do a review of a lot of the topics we covered during distance learning.  In the textbook you can turn to the Cumulative Review on pages 484-487.


From there, to test your knowledge over the course of this time away from the classroom, you should consider completing the following:


# 6, 7, 16, 17, 18,  23


Task 4


Today we have some online Probability games for you to try.

The first is a version of Snakes and Ladders (called Toads and Vines) where you need to answer probability-based questions related to the game board.  Upon first try it could be a bit confusing to figure out the process so check out the instructions and see how quickly you can reach the end point (hint...the more right answers you get à the more spins you get.  And the more spins you get à the better your chance of finishing the game quickly.).


Toads & Vines:



The second activity is a fill in the blanks task involving probability and dice.


Read the instructions in each section and fill in the blanks with your solutions.


This next link will take you to a virtual dice roller, to save you the effort of going to find actual dice to use!



Great work everyone!  You should be very proud of all the work you put into this Math unit during “distance learning”!  The amount of work we covered was very impressive!

Well done.







Weekly Math Tasks – June 15-19






Chapter 11 WORKBOOK Link:



Task 1


The first thing I would like you to do this week is to complete AND SUBMIT, a wrap-up activity for Algebra.  We are moving on to the final unit in the textbook and I want to use this first task of the week to give you a chance to show what you have learned and give you some feedback!  In the shared folder you will see a file named “End of Unit --Algebra Activity”.  Please MAKE A COPY of that assignment for yourself, complete the questions, and then submit your work to me for feedback



Task 2


Today we will BEGIN our FINAL Math Unit of our Grade 8 year!  Let’s open our textbooks up to Chapter 11, PROBABILITY (PAGES 452-453).


Take a quick look at the intro page to go over the Big Ideas of this unit.  Turn to SKILLS YOU NEED on pages 454-455.  PLEASE read over both examples on this page as they offer a great reminder of the differences between THEORETICAL PROBABILITY and EXPERIMENTAL PROBABILITY.


Here is a very good video from Khan Academy outlining these principles.


After you have watched the video please answer # 1 and 2 on pages 454-455


AND THEN complete # 1 and 2 on pages 232-233 of the WORKBOOK (the link is at the top of the page).



Task 3


Lesson 11.1 Probability Range (pages 456-460).  You can see this is a lot of pages for lesson 1!  That generally should be a clue to you that the reading is key to your understanding of the lesson.  As many of us learned during the multiplying of mixed numbers, when we skip to the work and do not do the readings and practice…we end up doing the work INCORRECTLY.  So, I know we are near the end of the year….but let’s maintain our focus just a short while longer!


Start by reading over CONNECT on pages 456-7.  Once done, work through the TWO examples, step by step, with the text book and ensure you are getting the same results.  This will let you know you are doing your work properly! 


When that is complete you can move on to the questions found on pages 459-460.  I’d like you to complete # 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9


Task 4


**A Mathletics assignment will be available for you to complete on Thursday Morning.


TREE DIAGRAMS.  I am quite sure that you remember from Grade 6 that Tree Diagrams are not difficult…but they can be time consuming! 

Here is a quick 4-minute refresher on Tree Diagrams:


Read over the example on page 462 and then complete # 6, and 7 a & b only on page 465. 

Then in the WORKBOOK complete page 238-239 # 3 A only.





Today is, in my opinion, one of the most fun types of math you can practice!  “Odds for and Against” is gambling, board games, card games, Rock-Paper-Scissors, Head or Tails, and TV Game Shows all rolled into one!  Understanding the odds in favour of one thing over another involved knowing the mathematical likelihood.  We see this every day when we check the weather forecast and see what the chance of rain is!  If there is only a 10% of rain we can pretty confident that we won’t get rained on!  If it’s 85% chance of rain—you better bring your umbrella! 


Turn to lesson 11.4 on pages 471-473.


Read over the Connect AND the one example on pages 471-472.  Work through the EXAMPLE and the situation that is explained re: the counters in a bag.  When that is complete you can move on to today’s questions on pages 472-473.

#1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7



NEXT WEEK:  We DO have assigned tasks for next week.  BUT the majority of them will be more reflective in nature.  You are only going to have ONE math task to submit next week.  I am going to assign it FIRST on Monday.  After that, the remaining Math work will be some practical probability problems and review of the big concepts we worked on during distance learning.  So, Monday morning, check back here for a Probability Assignment to complete and SUBMIT.














Weekly Math Tasks for June 8-12


Chapter 10 Textbook Link:


Task 1


Today we will continue last week’s Algebra introduction by moving on to Chapter 10 today.  This will be some great practice for you because you will see how integral Algebra is to a lot of the work you will do in Grade 9 in September!  So, getting some useful practice in now can pay dividends for you next school year!


Chapter 10—page 416-417.

Read over the examples regarding patterning charts on page 416.  You have already been incorporating algebraic equations into your math work every time you tried to solve recursive and non-recursive pattern rules! 

On page 418 read over “Skills You’ll Need”.  Pay close attention to the EXAMPLE & SOLUTION provided on page 418!  Work through these examples STEP BY STEP.  Do not let yourself get frustrated or confused by the use of variables!  You have been using variables since Grade 5….so there is nothing altogether new on these pages!  Read over the EXAMPLE & SOLUTION on page 419 as well.


Please watch this short video from Khan Academy:


You can now move on to Lesson 10.1 on pages 420-422.


It is very important that your READ the CONNECT section on pages 420-421.  Don’t skim it!  There is important vocabulary & descriptions we will need moving forward.


Today you will complete page 422 # 1, 2a,b,c,  4,  5,  6 a,c.



Please email me if you have any questions!


Task 2


This week I will be assigning Mathletics a little differently.  Rather than assign it all at the end of the week I am going to assign 1 task at a time throughout this week.  A new task went LIVE last night that you can log on today and complete.  You can still log in later in the week to complete them all at once or you can spread the work out through the week if you would rather.


Lesson 10.2 pages 423 -427


Today’s work will require some close attention!  There will be use of graphs and Pattern Rule charts. 

WE ARE GOING TO READ FROM BOTH THE TEXTBOOK AND THE WORKBOOK.  But our questions will come from the workbook (link below).


So, first we will CAREFULLY go over ALL the information on pages 423-426 in the textbook.  Complete the step by step examples alongside the text and compare your solutions to help you visualize what you need to do! 


Once complete, please open to pages 216-218 in the workbook

Read over the Quick Review Example on page 216.


Work on pages 217-218 # 1, 2, 4, and 6




Complete pages 426-427 # 1, 3, 5, 6 a,b,  7a (i,ii)


Task 3


Today we are moving on with Lesson 10.5 in the textbook on pages 435-439.


This is the kind of work you would generally expect to see when we think of Algebraic Equations.  To start off I would like you to view the follow-up videos to the Khan Academy video we watched at the start of the week:


And then complete the online questions and check your answers against the solutions provided:


Once complete, please read over pages 440-442 in the textbook.  As always pay particularly close attention to the examples and solutions provided.  Go over each step on your own to ensure that your work/answers mirror what is in the textbook.


Now, before we begin the questions—there is a concept being discussed here called “the nth term”.   Please watch this video (that is just over 1 minute long) that discusses WHAT the nth term is referring to if you are finding it unclear,



Then, on pages 442-443 please work on # 1, 2, 3, 4, 5



Task 4


A new Mathletics Task will be assigned by Thursday morning for you to complete.


Once you have completed that please work on the following questions:

Page 443 # 6, 7, 8, 9, 10



Task 5


Today we will move on to the Review for this Algebra Unit.  We wanted to make sure you have the fundamentals of Algebra understood before the end of this school year.  Next week we will continue with additional assignments in this area.


Please use the textbook to help you with the Review as needed.


Pages 447-448

# 1 a,b,c,  2 a, 7, 8, 9, 10


Another Mathletics Task will be made available to you by Friday morning.








Weekly Math Tasks for June 1-5


Task 1


Let’s start this first week of June off by doing some review of Lesson 4.9 from our WORKBOOK.


Turn to pages 88-89 (Dividing by 0.1, 0.01, and 0.001).

Go over the quick review b/c the last time you looked at this was “Task 4” LAST week.  Go over the examples to confirm your understanding of the lesson.


Please complete # 1, 3, 4, and 5.

I will post the answers in the shared folder on Tuesday.


Task 2


Today we will start PART of the review and then conclude it tomorrow.

REMEMBER—if you get stuck there is a “number” beside each question  that lets you know what lesson you can check in the textbook for help! 

Start off today by reading over page 174.

On page 175 you can complete # 2,  3a,  4c,  5c,  6c,d,  7, 8, 9 a,c,e,g,  11


Task 3


Today we will conclude our review on page 176.

Please complete # 14, 16b,d  17a,c,  18a,c,  20a,b,  21,  22, 23c,d, 24, 26


Task 4


In the shared folder you will find your Culminating Fractions Task for this Math Unit.  Please MAKE A COPY of this file, create a new doc, and then answer the questions.  Please submit this to me by the end of the “school day” Friday.  Please let me know if there are any problems or if you need any help!


Task 5


We are going to start our next unit on Algebra.  To do so we are actually going to go all the way back to Chapter 1 in the textbook.  If you recall, back in September we skipped a few lessons in Unit 1 because we planned on returning to them during Algebra.  So, turn to page 29 and Lesson 1.5, Using a Model to Solve Equations.


Read over the very simple descriptions and examples on pages 29-31.


And then I want you to watch this very short and very useful explanation on the “balance” method.


Once that is complete you can answer the following questions on page 32:  # 1, 2, 3, 6.


There will also be a Mathletics task assigned today.





Weekly Math Lessons for May 25-29


There are still a few people who have not submitted their Mid-Unit Review task from last week.  After today I will make contact to see how we are making out on these tasks and what assistance I can provide.  You can find the Review sheet in the “Previous Week” folder of our shared class folder on the Google Drive.  If you are still using the website to find your weekly tasks you can scroll down to last week’s work in the Math Tab.


Task 1


I’d like to start this week by doing some of the WORKBOOK questions on Lesson 4.7.


Workbook pages 84-85 # 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


PLEASE do NOT be in a rush.  There was some confusion last week re: multiplication.  Be sure to read over the QUICK REVIEW on page 84 of the workbook before you begin.


Task 2


As mentioned above, we will take an opportunity to review some Multiplying with Fractions today.  In the Shared Folder you will find a file with the title “Multiplying Fractions Practice”.  Please MAKE A COPY of that file, complete with your answers, and then submit to me for feedback.


Task 3


Today we will start to work lesson 4.8.  We will be converting now between decimals and fractions.  This is a skill all of you worked on in Grades 6 and 7. Earlier this year we already spent some time converting between DECIMALS, PERCENTS, and FRACTIONS (page 70-77 in the textbook).  You may want to quickly review that information as a reminder.  Our next lesson in the textbook is 4.8 on pages 165-168.  Pay attention, on page 165, to the difference between TERMINATING and REPEATING decimals. 

On pages 166-167 pay attention to the examples!  Solve the examples along side the textbook.  Compare your answers to those in the text.  If you are struggling to get the same answer as in the textbook look to see where your steps differ from the example.  If you are still struggling then please email me and we can problem solve this together. 


Once you have read through the examples I want you to watch THREE Khan Academy videos.  All 3 videos will take you LESS than 5 minutes to watch so do not skip this step!


Now we are ready to start the textbook questions on pages 167-168.  # 1 a,  2,  4,  6,   9 c,  10


Task 4


Lesson 4.9, on pages 169-171, is the final lesson before we start the review work for Chapter 4.  This lesson is on DIVIDING BY 0.1, 0.01, AND 0.001.   We have already worked on MULTIPLYING by 0.1. 0.01, and 0.001 earlier this year.  So, the skills we learned then will complement todays lesson.


This video will give you some further insight into this topic:


It is very important that you work through the CONNECT and EXAMPLES on pages 169-170. 


Page 170-171 # 1 a,c,e,g,  2 all,  3 a,c,e,g,i,  4 a,c,e,g,i,  6 a,c,e,


Task 5


There will be only ONE Mathletics task assigned to end the week.  You can log in to Mathletics starting THURSDAY morning of this week to access this task. 


Next week we will start our review of this unit and have a culminating activity.













Weekly Math Tasks for May 18-22



Task 1 

 I would like you to complete and submit the Math worksheet that covers the lessons from the first half of Unit 4.

 In the class shared folder you will find a file titled Mid-Unit Math Review.  Please open that file and make a copy of it.

 You can either highlight the document with your mouse and then copy and paste it into a new document OR you can click on FILE in the menu bar at the top of the page and click MAKE A COPY .  This will create your own copy of this task to work on.

When you are complete I would like you to submit your copy to me for feedback.

When “answering” in fractional form you can either use the “ / “ key on your keyboard OR use the Google tools to help insert a fraction into a document. 

 For those that do not know how to accomplish that using the online tools you can follow this link for advice:

 The video above will show you two different ways to insert fractions into your answers.  Personally, of both strategies in the video, I tend to use the second example in my own work. 

 However, as stated above, you can also just use the “ / “ key.  Just be sure, if there is a mixed number, that you have a space between the “whole” and fractional amounts.


Task 2

 After practicing our MULTIPLICATION of fractions skills last week, this week we will be moving on to the DIVISION of fractions.

 Many students still find division to be the most challenging of the 4 basic operations.  So I really want you to take the time today to view the following Khan Academy Videos that help break down division with fractions.  These 2 videos will show you visual representations of division on a number line and using drawings to help you understand.

 In class we have often talked about being “active” learners.  In this case that would mean not simply clicking “play” on the videos and watching the information scroll by!  It would mean taking some paper and working through the examples ALONG with the videos!  By being able to practice, as the examples are being broken down step-by-step, you will gradually become more confident in your ability to solve these questions independently.

 So, please watch these two short videos and work through the examples.

 Once you have watched the two videos you can try the 4 practice questions at the link posted below.  Pay attention to the feedback given on the site if you struggle with any of the problems!


Now, lets try a few examples from the textbook.  Turn to page 159.  Red over the example provided there and work through that problem independently.

 On pages 159-160 please try to solve the following questions in your notes: # 1 a,  2 a,b,c, 4 a,b,c, 5, 6


Task 3


We will continue with Dividing Fractions today by moving on to Lesson 4.7 in the textbook (pages 161-164).

Read over EXPLORE and CONNECT on pages 161-162.  Pay attention to the two methods being demonstrated in these examples (using common denominators or using multiplication).  On pages 162-163 follow along with the Example to see these methods in practice.

 When ready, please complete the following questions in your notes:

Pages 163-164 # 2 a,d,  3 a,d,  4 a,d,  5 a,d,  6 i, ii, iii,  8.


Task 4

 By Thursday morning the newest Mathletics task for this week will have been assigned.  Some of you may have had some tasks from LAST week reassigned to try again.  Please work through this week’s tasks and use the textbook work you have completed as a guide to help you as needed.






Weekly Math Tasks May 11-15.


Task 1


Today we will start off in the workbook  by reviewing lesson 4.3.

Start off by reading over the “Quick Review” on page 74 of the workbook.  Be sure to read over the “tip” on the page and work through the examples.


When you are ready you can start working through the questions on pages 75-76.  Complete # 2, 4, 5, and 6

This lesson is found in the WORKBOOK.  The link can be found in the HOMEWORK section of our website or here:




Task 2


Multiplying Fractions.


Today I want you to start with a series of videos from Khan Academy to introduce and/or review the idea of multiplying fractions.


After you watch that introduction there is a shorter video that provides an example using different numerators and denominators.


After watching the two videos please try the 7 online problems provided at the link below.  As always, if you make an error please follow the instruction and tips that help you find the correct solution.


Task 3


Lesson 4.4 in the Textbook (pages 148-150).


Consider the example given in the EXPLORE section on page 148.  Try to problem solve, with the information provided, what the various fractional quantities of pie would be in the given scenario.


Read over the “CONNECT” section and work alongside the step-by-step example on page 149.


When complete you can start today’s questions on page 150.

Please complete # 1, 2, 4 & 5.


Task 4


Multiplying Fractions Continued (Lesson 4.5 pgs 151-155)


Like the videos from yesterday, think about the steps required to multiply varying fractions.  Work through the examples provided on pages 152-153.  And then complete pages 153-155 # 2, 3, 4 a,b,c, 5 a,b,c, 7 a,b, 10.


Task 5


By Thursday morning there will be a new series of Mathletics questions assigned to you.  We will have our Mathletics Mid-Unit assessment on MONDAY.  Use this time to practice with these tasks provided.








Weekly Math Work

May 4-8.




This week we will be starting our new unit on Fractions.  Last week’s activities should have given you a head start on the learning.  This week we will be utilizing the textbook, the workbook, and the Mathletics program to help us work through the first few lessons.

 These tasks are assigned to you in a specific order on purpose!  Please complete them in order.  And, as always, I urge you to NOT complete everything all at once!  It is good for your brain and your attention span to switch up your learning throughout the day!  You are not doing yourselves any favours by finishing all the work in one day!   There will be some nice weather coming soon!  Let's build a consistent work routine into our day and then enjoy some Spring weather!  If you have any questions send me a message from YOUR SCHOOL EMAIL ACCOUNT.




Let’s start off by reading “Skills you Need” from page 134.


As you know from last week, and past years studying fractions, we can more readily compare a range of fractions when we can establish equivalency or common denominators. 


This is explained in the “Connect” section of page 136.  Also read over that example and solution at the bottom of the page.  Look at the variety of ways in the example that the textbook can find the common denominator of “30” when comparing those fractions.


We can then get started with pages 137-138 # 1 a,c,e,g, 2 b,d, 4, 7, 9.




We can move on with Lesson 4.2 on pages 139-142


Remember, when we add fractions we need to find a common denominator.  Any 2 numbers can share a common denominator if they are multiplied together to find a product!


Read over Connect on page 139 and then CAREFULLY review the two examples on pages 140-141.  Pay attention to all the components being discussed: common denominators, improper fractions, mixed numbers, common factors, etc.


Independently follow along with those two examples and check your work against what the text book is showing you.


You CAN watch this video from Khan Academy if you need further clarification on this topic:


I want you all to now try the seven questions on the Khan Academy site.  If you get any incorrect use the “hints & tips” on their site to help you locate the issue!


We are now ready to move on to the textbook questions from pages 141-142.


Complete # 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8





From Page 72-73 in the MATH WORKBOOK complete # 2, 4, 5, 6


AND you will find new Mathletics tasks assigned to you this morning.


The link for the Math workbook can be found here:


It is also located in the HOMEWORK section of the Class Website.



Lesson 4.3-Subtracting Fractions (pg 143-147)


Read through the description in CONNECT on pages 143-144.  In the textbook work through the examples with the step-by-step instrutions.  THINK ABOUT THE ROLE OF THE “WHOLE” WHEN WORKING WITH MIXED NUMBERS.  Sometimes it can be easy to lose track of the answer when we forget about the “whole”.  So take your time and think through the examples!


When done here are 10 online examples for you to try.  If you make a mistake be sure to look at the instructions provided on the site for each question!


When that is done you are ready to start the textbook questions.

On pages 146-147 work on # 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 12




Today I will assign some specific Mathletics Sections that correspond with the work we have done this week. 


As we wrap up the Mathletics review of these lessons we WILL be scheduling a Mathletics assessment soon!  So, stay on top of your Mathletics assignments.  If you struggle with any task online you can go into the review modules or try the ask again!


You should also try and use the PLAY option if interested.  The “Multiverse” game may seem like its for kids but the math in it is grade level!  You can also go into the “Challenge” area and compete against Math students around the globe OR challenge one of your own classmates!





Weekly Math Work (April 27-May 1) 


**Last week some of you said you could not see some of the images/tables in these docs.  If this happens again, let me know which ones specifically and I can email them to you.


There are still eight students that need to submit their Unit Problem/ Math Task from last week. 

And then there are still 14 of you that need to access your Mathletics log-ins and complete the first two introductory tasks.

Please make that work your first priority today.  Please do not move on to this week’s tasks without submitting last weeks Unit Problem and then completing the Mathletics activities. 


Those of you who ARE in Mathletics, feel free to Explore the “Play” area for games and Review and the Mathletics LIVE area for Global or Local Challenges.  Please try and limit the Number of tasks in the “Courses” area that you complete independently as those may be assigned to you in the days to come.  Once we are all on Mathletics I will also be able to send out the KNOWLEDGEHOOK log-ins and you can use that resource as readily as you might like for extra tasks.  I can even send that info out to those that feel they may be ready for it now.


Please contact me through Google Docs or your parents email to get assistance if you are having trouble accessing your school email.


Task 1


While we make sure we all complete last week’s work we don’t want to get too far ahead.  Because the first three weeks were very textbook reliant we are going to give you a break from that learning this week and try to focus on technology and practical applications.


The first job today will be a section of Integers review in Mathletics.  It is scheduled to be assigned to your Mathletics account at 9:00 a.m.  After that time you should all be able to access the module and complete the questions.


Once today’s review task is complete we can start to introduce our next topic: Fractions.


Today we will start with three short videos from Khan Academy that will provide an overview of the introductory lessons. They are only about 4 minutes apiece.  Now, unlike when we usually link to Khan Academy Videos, this time you will complete a series of questions on the Khan Academy Website that correspond with this these Videos.  You can use your mouse and keyboard to answer directly on the webpage.  So, below the video links you will find the direct link to the Equivalent Fraction problems.


Now you are ready for the questions.  Each of these modules only has 4 questions for you to answer.  At the end it will give you a “score”.  Any time you have an incorrect answer the website will give you the option to watch a review video or it will even offer you some tips to help you answer the questions properly in the future.







Task 2



Task 3


Today you will do a series of practical fractions problems and then share your results with me.  You can copy and paste directly from this document into a new Google Doc. 


The first problem is a baking problem.  Now, as I am sure we all remember, our class was home to a potentially industry dominating new Baking Duo.  This quarantine may have slowed down their plans for a bakery, but todays task can help get their minds focused back on their future career in baking! 




2)  There are 24 hours in a day and scientists tell us that we should sleep for 3/8 of the day. How much time should we spend sleeping?


3)  There are 25 pupils in the class, 3/5 of the pupils support the Leafs and the remainder support the Bruins. How many individual

pupils support the Bruins? 

4)  The girl’s hockey team won 6 games, lost 3 games, and tied 2 games. What fraction of games did they win?


5)  Chad made a snack by combining 1/3 of a bowl of granola with ¼ of a bowl of chopped banana and ½ of a bowl of yoghurt. Did one bowl hold all of the ingredients at one time? Explain.


6) In the first two hockey games of the year, Ralph played 1 ½ periods and 1 ¾ periods. How many periods in all did he play?


7) Shane has a piece of rope that is 7 4/5 units long. If he cuts it into pieces that are each 3/5 of a unit long, how many pieces does he have?


8)  In a full set of permanent teeth, ¼ of the teeth are incisors, ¼ are premolars, and 3/8 are molars. What fraction of all the teeth are incisors, premolars and molars?  (Each mouth SHOULD have 32 teeth.)


9) Neptune completes 1 ½ turns about its axis each day. How many turns does it complete in 1 week?


10)  Mary need to order pizzz for 18 students.  Each student should get


4 of a pizza.  How many whole pizzas does Mary need tto order?  How many will be left over?


Remember to share your answers with me.


Task 4


Fraction Problem Solving Continued.

These problems today may be a little more challenging.  Answer these on your own and I will supply the answers for you to check your own work later this week.  I will send the solutions to our Shared Work Folders in the Google Drive.  Please note that these are images and not text so you may not be able to “cut and paste” into a new document.  Solve them as you see them using your own paper/workbook.







Task 5


By Thursday of this week I will assign you some Fractions Related tasks within Mathletics.  We will use these tasks that you complete as preparation for a Mathletics Quiz next week.  Once the above 4 tasks are complete you can finish these newly assigned problems.