I am Danielle Barder, a junior at Eastern Illinois University.  My major is Elementary Education with a Math concentration and middle school enforcement.  My ideal grade to teach is third grade, because i don't think the students are too young or too old.  I grew up on the South side of Chicago, and of course I'm a big White Sox fan.  I come from a big family of five girls and one boy; fortunately i am the youngest.   I  would like to teach for the  Chicago Board of Education, in an inner city school so i can help unfortunate children succeed in their own life.  I have a passion for children and I am really looking forward to influencing the next generation and their learning. 

 Christmas and Halloween are my favorite holidays; I listen to christmas music starting the day after thanksgiving.  I like hanging out with my family, my sisters and I are close in age so we get a long very well.  I love all my friends they are the best and we have so much fun together.  I enjoying listening to music, working out, watching cheesy tv shows, and sleeping.