Homework Policy 

First graders should spend no more than 15 minutes each evening on homework.  Much of the assigned homework in first grade is designed to be done with family members.  Even independent tasks, however, need parental involvement.  Always check your child’s work and sign their agenda.  Parents often wonder, “Should I correct my child’s mistakes?  How will the teacher know if he or she is having a problem?”  My advice is, yes, point out the mistakes to your child in a gentle way, and use that opportunity to reteach and clarify the skill.  If you would like me to know about a particular problem area, always jot a note, and I will respond as soon as possible.

Weekly Homework Schedule

Spelling & vocabulary homework will begin the week of 9/13/10


  • Write spelling words five times each
  • Saxon Math Worksheet
  • Reading Log (read 20 minutes)


  • Rainbow-write spelling words using 3 crayons or color pencils (Sample: rainbow    rainbow   rainbow) 
  • Saxon Math Worksheet
  • Reading Log (read 20 minutes)


  • Write a sentence with each spelling and vocabulary word
  • Saxon Math Worksheet
  • Reading Log (read 20 minutes)


  • Practice/study Spelling words
  • Saxon Math Worksheet
  • Reading Log (read 20 minutes)


  • Reading Log (read 20 minutes)
  • Have a great weekend!

Note: Homework schedule is subject to change during short weeks (ex. holidays, teacher planning days, spring break, school events, etc.). Always check your child's school agenda for up-to-date homework assignments. Thank you!


**  Spelling homework is to be done in the students spelling composition book and must be turned in every Friday, reading logs are due at the end of each month


Reading Logs

 Daily reading at home, will be an important part of your child's first grade reading program.  As you may know, every minute your child spends with a book brings him or her closer to becoming a fluent reader.  Even children who have not yet begun to read can gain reading skills simply by sitting down in a quiet location, and looking through a book.  Parents’ reading to, or along with a child, is even better and highly encouraged!  

Let me explain how our reading log program works.  It is your child's responsibility to read for approximately 15-20 minutes every evening.  Your child will be keeping a reading log of all books read at home.  This log will stay in your child's book bag.  Every night, after reading, students will write the date, title of the book, minutes read and have a parent or guardian initial it.  (Parents may need to write this information at first and turn this responsibility over to the child as the year progresses.)   

Over the school year, consistent daily reading will expose your child to various author's styles and will improve your child's fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and writing.  Our main goal will be for your child to enjoy reading and to choose to read for pleasure.