Flat Joshie Begins Journey

     Joshie, while laying on the livingroom                           

floor, had a rather large Berkline recliner        

land on him recently, causing him to become

flattened. After initial examination, it was

determined that while he would no long be

plump, he had definitely acquired special

abilities that could prove to be useful. He can

Flat Joshienow slide under his brother's door...reasonably

undetected and further, he could now travel

to work with his Dad...again, undetected. He

departed Coeur d' Alene with his Dad on

April 21, and has not been seen since. Details

as to his whereabouts and activities are unknown

at this time. Stay tuned to "Flat Joshie's Adventure"

for events and news of his travels as they

become available.