Homework during the month of January, 2019

Homework for the Weeks of January:

1.  Read 20 minutes daily. Check that your book title is appropriate  for AR points,  and  your reading level.  Record your time and pages in your blue reading log.

2.  Math: Any assigned Problem Set or Homework Set that is assigned for that day's lesson.  Additionally, continue to practice your multiplication flashcards. Please study nightly and return flashcards

     to school daily. Weekly timed tests will be given to improve fluency and speed of multiplication facts,  0-12. This will be ongoing.

3.  TCR Booklet, Read  pages for that WEEK according to your Activity Calendar.  Read independently or with someone. Discuss the story, summarize what you read, annotate and record any                   comments or questions that you may have. Don't forget to have an adult initial daily for homework credit.  Students are now required to complete each daily activity with that day's            reading!  Return Activity Calendar at the end of the third week.

4.  Study your spelling/vocabulary words using your graphic organizer. Spelling test will now be every Thursday,  unless otherwise noted.