AR Basketball

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Augmented Reality Basketball Game



UDL Alignment and Curriculum Alignment


UDL Alignment:

Through the use of this virtual reality basketball game teachers can attract students from any language to use this program. Students will be able to use the manipulation of the app to score baskets in this game. By using this app students would be able to build their desired fluency through practice and performance. Students can be in charge of developing their own goals to increase the number of baskets they can score in each round. Student can foster both collaboration and community by building a competition with other students, they can also get tips for success from their classmates.



Curriculum Alignment:

The best application I can see being used with the AR Basketball app would be for the use within the mathematics department. Students can use the app to score baskets and then assign a different value for each basket made (using multiplication). Another application is to play the game a set number of time and then use the date to determine the mean, median and mode of the data set.