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UDL Alignment and Curriculum Alignment


UDL Alignment:

The representation UDL is well covered in, the program offers both visual and auditory dissemination of information. The program offers vocabulary support for both vocabulary and mathematical notation. offers a wide variety of tools for construction and composition for students. Each movie in the program has support for building fluencies and an area for students to monitor their own progress. In order to increase student engagement students, have the freedom of choice for their learning path. In order to maximize student mastery, gives students instant feedback when they are practicing the new skills.


Curriculum Alignment: can be used across the curriculum. They offer a variety of topics in each subject area. In math the teacher can assign a lesson teaching the students how to multiply fractions. After the video the students can take a quiz to check their knowledge, play a game using the skill or create a movie to illustrate their understanding. The students can also make a content map outlining the concept they just learned. In science the students can also be assigned a movie to explore a new concept. After they have completed the movie they can complete a vocabulary assignment within the program.