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UDL Alignment and Curriculum Alignment


UDL Alignment:

In Flocabulary.com teachers are able to use the representation of UDL to create their own quiz to customize the student learning. Also, in representation student have the option of either reading the information or they can have the program read to them for a use of alternatives for auditory/visual information. Students can practice  important information in the program the can practice the vocabulary needed for success, they can do this by using either the vocabulary cards or the vocabulary game. Flocabulary includes background information to help students be successful with the new concepts. Through action and expression students have the ability to respond to the practice by either manipulating the circles or by choosing the ones listed similarly to standardized tests. Students can build their fluency by taking the quiz, seeing their results (mastery-oriented feedback) and then they can repeat the process. Engagement strengths allow the students individual choice in how they want to learn the information from the many options given.


Curriculum Alignment:

In the classroom I would use Flocabulary to introduce concepts to students in math. By using the long division lesson students will be able to see how long division works by using the standard algorithm. I would assign the various lessons for the students to complete that offer vocabulary cards, vocabulary games, text questions and quizzes. For a way to increase the challenge level I would also include the section for the students to create their own rap.