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UDL Alignment and Curriculum Alignment



UDL Alignment:

Kahoot has a very flexible question platform that allows the teacher a variety of ways to display the information being presented. The questions can be either text or images, which allows ELL students to be able to successfully answer the questions. The program allows you to import videos which allows you to reach students using multiple media platforms. In order to meet the student's need to build fluency, teachers can develop the level of questions that best suit the needs of the students for the best level of practice. The program allows the teacher to progress monitor how the class performs overall on the set of questions used. The level of engagement is high since the students are always trying to be the first one to answer the question which will minimize distractions. The students will be able to self-assess and reflect on their answers because the question results show on their personal device.




Curriculum Alignment:

Kahoot.com can be used in any subject area. The teacher can make assessments for math that might include identifying the names of geometric shapes. They can also give students equations to solve and then allowing the students enough time to compute the correct answer. In reading students can be asked to identify text features or character traits. A science application could involve putting the steps of the water cycle in the correct order when given a starting point. The program itself offers a large quantity of already made games, but it is very easy to customize a game that is already create or to build your own game.