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UDL Alignment and Curriculum Alignment


UDL Alignment:

Office forms allows teachers to be able to meet the representation needs of UDL by allowing them to customize the ways they display information in the forms. The program also lets the teacher use images and text for a use of multiple forms of media. The program allows for the use of branching to determine if the students already understand a concept, but if they don’t the teacher can include background questions to see where the students are lacking in understanding.  Through the action and expression UDL students are able to access the form in a variety of ways to vary the methods of response. Students can build fluency by using the forms to practice seeing if they are gaining a better understanding. In regard to engagement students are able to see their results in order to know how well they are understanding the material.


Curriculum Alignment:

Forms can be used for assessments in all academic subjects. The flexibility offered in the program allows the teacher to use branching in the questions, for example if the student misses an math equation the next question they will use the same formula in a different question to give the student another opportunity to show understanding. You can use forms to ask a variety of question types, for example I have included a picture of an activity where the students have to put the planets in order.