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UDL Alignment and Curriculum Alignment


UDL Alignment:

Quizlet.com offers a variety of ways to customize the desired learning information. In parts of the program the students can have the auditory portions of the texts read to them. Through the use of the many options students can use multiple ways to navigate through Quizlet. Students can also build fluency by using the flashcards to practice. Through the use of engagement students have individual choice and autonomy. In engagement students can also increase mastery and will have feedback related to their success.



Curriculum Alignment:

Students have the ability to use Quizlet.com to re-enforce their vocabulary words they need to be successful. They can practice in any of the following ways: flashcards, matching, writing, spelling or quiz. In science students can practice the terms associated with the phases of the moon and how weather is affected by the Earth’s movement.