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Story Jumper


Solar System Artifact


Book titled 'The Milky Way Galaxy'Read this free book made on StoryJumper




UDL Alignment:

Story Jumper aligns with the UDL principles by engaging students and allowing students to create engaging stories without having to worry about their artistic skill. In the stories that students create they include both text and pictures (they can import their own pictures, so if they want to include their dog Sady in the book they can). The program makes adding pictures and text relatively easy for students.


Curriculum Alignment:

Since Story Jumper is generic in platform students can use this program across the curriculum. They can use it to tell a story, solve a math problem, explain scientific concepts and/or analyze a character. I have included an artifact that allows students to create a book that will tell the class “All About Me”, this particular example uses the premade templates.