Parent Information

Dear parent, guardian,

Thankyou for your concern with your mathematical journey. Please know that you are always welcome to contact me, and that I will do my utmost to meet with you anytime you want to discuss how we can help our students improve. 

Parents are often concerned that they do not know the math needed to help their students with homework. I have a packet of resources available on demand to help review the foundations that many haven't looked at since their own time in school. THe list of links on the main page also includes useful sites that are great ways to rekindle one's love of math!

Here a few way to help ensure your child's success: 

Students should come to class prepared- they need to have a notebook, pen, calculator, and their math book. They also need to be sure to bring in their homework. 

There are after school tutoring sessions where free and non-jugmental help is offered every tuesday and thursday afternoons. I highly encourage all to come!

Homework is posted on the website. You can also find the concepts and methods that we are currently studying, as well as what we have covered in the past. This is for the students' benefit, as well as for the parents. Using this keep you up to date on the goings on of our math studies.