Module 3: The Japanese Internment During World War II

 Japanese Americans line up at Tanforan Assembly Center

Module 3: The Japanese Internment During World War II

Materials needed for Implementation:

·         In the classroom the teacher will need a computer with internet access.

·         A printer for printing photos and worksheets for photo analysis. (

·         A data projector for viewing web pages that students will analyze.

·         Paper or note cards for taking notes.

Instructional Plan:

·         This topic could be covered thoroughly in three class periods.

·         Students will learn about the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor and the subsequent relocation of thousands of Japanese American citizens living in the United States.

·         One question students will answer is "Could this happen today?"

·         Before information is presented there should be a discussion on World War II and how Japan came to attack the United States.

·         Teacher should use the website: as an introduction. Class discussion should follow.

·         Teacher will log on the website: and observe photos of Japanese Americans. Print photos for student analysis.

·         Pass out worksheet for photo analysis.

·         Hand out photos to students in small groups with paper or note cards for taking notes.

·         Explain and discuss what is going on in the photos.

·         Allow students group discussion time.

·         Once the teacher feels the students have had sufficient time for understanding, ask them to complete the photo analysis worksheet and share a few responses as a class.

·         Ask the student groups to consider these questions: "What do you think happened to the Japanese Americans?' "Did the United States violate their civil rights?" "Do you think it helped win the war?"

·         The conclusion will involve a report about their opinion of what happened and to relate this topic to events happening today. Have them consider the amount of successful and attempted attacks on the United States by people from other countries and cultures today. Do they think it would be wise for the United States to adopt a policy similar to that of the Japanese Internment during World War II today.


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  • Library Online Database: Wilson Web World History

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