ACE English

Work for the Week of April 24-27:

Monday 4/23: no school...Snow Day!

Tuesday 4/24: "Inside Willy's Head" sheet HW: finish reading Act I (pgs 47-69)

*Don't forget you personal notes whenever we're reading new material in the play!

Wednesday 4/25: Act I Review Questions in class HW: Begin Act II, pgs 70-82 (@ bottom when Howard exits)

Thursday 4/26: Revisit "3 Dreamers" sheet & discussion HW: Act II, pgs 82-94 (@ bottom when Charly enters)

Friday 4/27: Graphic Organizer for Biff, Happy & Linda HW: Act II, pgs 95-107 (when Stanley enters with drinks)  


Welcome back from Spring Break 2012! We will be starting "Death of a Salesman" by Arthur Miller this week.

Work for the Week of Arpil 16-20:

Monday 4/16- iSearch in class. Topic: Death of a Saleman & Willy Lowman, Modern Tragedy and Tragic Hero

Tuesday 4/17-Share iSearch results, Read article on Tragedy HW: answer questions taht accompany this article

Wednesday 4/18-Questions on tragedy due. Ethics in Everytown USA Activity A & B in class HW: Activity C, D and E

Thursday 4/19-The American Dream discussion and worksheet HW: Preview 3 Dreamers Worksheet, Read Act 1 pgs 11-28 bottom of page with your own set of personal notes on the dialogue and stage directions.

Friday 4/20-Review Act I Notes & Class Discussion, Read pgs 29-40 in class HW: go back over pgs 29-40 and do notes on them, also continue on to do pags. 40-47 (top of page) on your own