English 11

Work for the Week of April 23-27:

Monday 4/23: no school...Snow Day!

Tuesday 4/24: Ch 15-26 plotline activity HW: Ch 26- 27 (Ch 26-28 Study Guide or Notes, whichever you do, is due Thursday)

Wednesday 4/25: Guest Speaker, begin Ch. 28 (if time allows) HW: Ch 28-29

Thursday 4/26: Ch 26-28 Study Guide or Notes due, Ch 24-27 Quiz, mockingbird motif HW: Ch. 30-31

Friday 4/27: Scout's quote, Ch 27-31 timeline HW: Ch 28-31 Take-Home test (due Monday)


Welcome back from Spring Break 2012! We be continuing our study of Harper Lee's classic To Kill a Mockingbird this week!

Work for the Week of April 16-20:

Monday 4/16- Ch 16-19 Quiz...Read Ch 22 in class, go over HW for tonight HW: 3 paragraph journal entry on Ch 20-22

Tuesday 4/17-Large and Small Group Discussion of last night's HW journal HW: Read Ch 23 w/ your chopice of notes (due Monday)

Wednesday 4/18-Ch 20-23 Quiz...begin veiwing film HW: Vocabulary 21-30

Thursday 4/19-continue to view film HW: Ch 24 with notes & Vocablary words 21-30

Friday 4/20-Vocabulary 21-30 due, Read Ch. 25 in class. LArge group discussion HW: Read Ch. 26 (no notes yet, unless you use sticky notes and then you may go ahead and do those for Ch. 26 if you'd like)