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A Newsletter for the Parents and Students of 4-03

“Learning should last for more than a day, it should last a lifetime.”


The Start of the School Year!


Hello! My name is Donna Maclin-Gilliam and I am your child’s teacher this year. This is my 13th year at Treadwell and my first year in 4th grade. I have spent the last twelve years in fifth grade. Therefore, I am aware of what your child needs to be successful in the upcoming school year as we merge with the Shelby County School District.

I have a very strong passion about our young people educating themselves and giving 100% each time he or she enters the doors of Treadwell.  I solicit your support and encouragement for your child as “ every day is a day to learn something new and exciting. When your child comes home, he/she should be able to share what they learned at school. I am strong believer that discipline and learning are one in the same.

     In closing, if you want to know how your child is progressing and/or if you need help, I am always available. Please send a note or call the school at 416-6130 and leave a message for me. 


Educationally yours,

Donna Maclin-Gilliam


Open House Attendance


Thank you, Parents! Gracias!

I appreciate “all of the parents” who came out to our Open House. It was a joy seeing you and talking with you about your child’s progress so far. It is always “a good thing” when you take an interest in your child’s education.

Thanks again to the following parents and students:

Rashad Ware

Angel Zelaya

Karen Valeriano Hernanzez

Alexa Menard

Catoria Calico

Tiarra Anderson






Homework/Weekly Test


Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday. Please check over your child’s homework and place your initials on the assignment. This shows your child that you are interested in his or her learning.


Make sure your child is working a quiet area in the home with very few distractions.

Set up a schedule for free time and homework.

Weekly test are on Friday and Thursday is considered “Study Night”.

Excuses about not completing homework will not be accepted unless an emergency occurred the night homework was assigned.

Students’, who are not turning in their homework, grades will be affected.






Report Cards


This year in 4th grade, students will be receiving letter grades on their progress reports and report cards.

So, look for A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s, F’s, E’s, S’s, N’s, and U’s on this year.

Hopefully, you will be proud of their accomplishments!


Preparation Daily

Parents, I need you to remind your children to be prepared daily and to follow all routines and procedures.


Every minute of the school day counts.



Multiplication Facts



Multiplication facts…..we need to learn them. In 4th grade, students should know their facts from the 1’s to the 12’s. I have included a table for you to use with your child. Practice every night even on the weekends. Make a deal with your child ….offer them an incentive to learn them.


We will be multiplying soon.


Where is Education Going?


There is a major shift happening in education in America. In the 2014-15 school year, Common Core Standards will be implemented across America. These standards require students to think and write out in detail how he or she would solve a problem as oppose to simply solving it. Therefore, right now, writing should be a task that your child should be doing every day in order to get ready for the big change.


Our Class Creed

Each day, we say our class creed as a part of our morning meeting.  I wrote it with the hopes that students will believe that he or she will be successful.

Say it aloud and believe the mission and vision of 4-03.

WE are Eagles of Treadwell Elementary School.

WE will make it our purpose to fly to new heights each and every day.

RESPECT starts with US. We will respect our teachers, parents, fellow peers, and everyone in our community.

WE will not interfere with the learning of our peers and will accept the responsibilities of our own actions.

Today will be a day of SUCCESS and if we fail, we will get up and start all over.

WE are WINNERS. WE are BETTER than the BEST.

WE ARE 4-03!

WE ARE 4-03!

WE ARE 4-03!






Planners were given to every student in order to help with organization and to make you aware of their nightly assignments. I will be writing daily conduct grades in their planners (if an emergency does not arise). Please sign your child’s planner each night after all assignments are complete.

Accountability is important.







Family Affair


Here are a list of events happening in the city:


The Delta Fair- the Agri-Center


The Universal Soul Circus

Hickory Ridge Mall




Thanks for reading! I hope this newsletter has been beneficial.  Remember, “You are your child’s first teacher”.  Continue to love, encourage, and support them.


Donna Maclin-Gilliam, M.Ed.

Educator and Editor


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