My Philosophy


My Philosophy of Education


            Educating a child is an awesome responsibility, for a large part of that child’s future success lies in the teacher’s hands.  That means my task is to help every child I teach develop to his or her potential.  I must create a safe, consistent, and exciting environment where children feel wanted and welcome.  I must use every teachable moment wisely, using methods that fit each child’s learning style.  I believe all children are special--that all of them can and will learn if given positive experiences with success.

         Building a positive self-concept paves the way for academic success.  When a child feels like a winner, he or she begins to act like one.  Once a child knows he or she can succeed, it’s not so scary to undertake harder tasks.  It’s easier to deal with the little failures we have to learn to overcome.  Teaching means equipping children not only with knowledge, but with learning strategies they can use all of their lives.  It involves molding their behavior in positive ways so self-control allows them to accomplish their goals.

         I know that teaching is not always a glorious job.  Some days it may be a bit difficult to find that quality of a child that makes him or her so special.  Yet I know that teaching is a part of me that I love.  I love children, and I know of no better way to communicate that love than being a dedicated teacher of them--that I may touch their minds and make a difference in their lives.


         Mrs. Morgan