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Week of 10-1-18 - Science Objectives - Review from the 1st month of school. 

Locate the World Oceans on a Map.

Draw, Label, and Explain the importance of The Water Cycle.

List the most abundant gases in the ocean. 
Label and define the features of the Ocean Floor

Define the the three types of ocean life and explain their characteristics. 

Tell who James Cameron is, where he explored, and why is he is important to ocean exploration

Label and draw a wave with the four parts

Study Guide Completion - Test Monday October 8th - 6-1 Only

Week of 10-1-18 Math Objectives

FInd the percent of a number

Estimate percents

Solve percent problems

Review Decimals, percents, and fractions

Test Friday

Week of 10-1-18 Language Arts Objectives

Develop, write, revise, and edit a Narrative Story