My Teaching Philosphy

Each day that I spend in my classroom with my students presents a new challenge for both me and them.  Based on the beliefs of Vygotsky where each child learns differently through past experiences and social and environmental experiences, every student of mine is treated as unique as I realize that they require an individualized response from me as their teacher.  Every child has a different way of learning and processing knowledge which is why I admire Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences suggesting that there are seven different types of intelligences.  Being able to see that each child has different strengths and abilities give me the ability to focus on giving each child the opportunity to express their knowledge in a way that fits their individual needs best.

Questions are encouraged and never frowned upon.  If we don’t ask, we will never know.   

 As the teacher, I am responsible for facilitating the classroom and scaffolding the children so that their full potential of learning can be reached by the time they enter the first grade.  According to Vygotsky “it is the role of the teacher to scaffold the children and hold their hand as they strive towards a learning goal”.  As you will see throughout the school  year, my lessons and activities will be child driven as I strive to provide the very best foundation for learning so that each child will love coming to school and learning about the world around them.  To me, the biggest reward I could have is having the opportunity to watch how my students flourish with the knowledge they receive in my classroom as they process thoughts, feelings and ideas and grow into confident individuals.  Having this opportunity to be a part of such an amazing piece of each child’s life is far more rewarding than anything else. 

A Greek author, Stobaeus once said “What is knowledge if there is no understanding”?  This is so true, and is why I can assure you that in my classroom each and every child will walk out with the knowledge and understanding that they need to move forward.  Each child will be guided on their individual developmental levels and not compared to the class as a whole.  Our learning experiences will consist of scaffolding and guidance for each and every child until I feel they have grasped the material and are confident enough to move forward.  A child will never be pushed too far or left without the knowledge, understanding or experiences that they need for a succesful education.  I encourage students helping students, focused questions, modeling and high levels of instruction which allows for each and every student to understand the materials before they move on to something new which is so essential, especially in the early child years because one missed or overlooked piece of knowledge can drastically change the way a child continues to learn.  

I believe confidence comes from within and, as a teacher I am responsible to draw that confidence out of my students through questions, answers, positive interactions and learning experiences in my classroom.  Living and teaching by the motto “treat each child as if they were your own” has given me the confidence that every child leaves my classroom wanting to learn more, enjoying learning, respecting others and knowing they are loved which calls for a very successful future of each and every child that leaves my classroom.