Safety Plan - Fire

  •    The fire drill shall require complete evacuation of the main building and portable classrooms.
  •    At least one fire drill will be  held at the schol each month that school is in session.
  •    The fire alarm will sound to notify occupants in the building that an evacuation is needed. 
  •    In the event of a power failure, a bullhorn will be used. 
  •   A fire drill evacuation plan is posted in all rooms. 
  •   All exit doors will remain unlocked from the inside and clear or obstructions at all times.

  1. Portable classrooms will be notified of the drill by way of two-way radios. 
  2. Students will be instructed by teachers to quickly and quietly leave the building in an orderly manner.
  3. Teachers will take class roll once students are in a safe area to ensure all are present.  Any missing student must be reported to the school's administration at once.
  4. The emergency response team will check all areas of the building to ensure all students are in the designated areas.
  5. The receptionists and bookkeeper will take the hard copy of the student information sheets to the designated areas.
  6. No one will be allowed to re-enter the building or portables until the all-clear signal is given by the administration.


  1. The Cartersville Fire Department will be called immediately by office personnel.
  2. Students will be evacuated immediately with the use of the fire alarm.
  3. The superintendant's office will be notified.
  4. Teachers wil ensure all students exit to their designated area.
  5. Teachers will call roll to ensure all students are accounted for and alert administration if any student is missing. 
  6. Teachers will reassure students of their safety and keep the out of harm's way.


  • Students who are in the lunchroom, library, or computer lab will be taken by the personnel in charge and evacuated out the back doors to the playground area.  Homeroom teachers must meet students at that location and call roll as soon as possible. 
  • Students in P.E. will be taken by the P.E. teacher to the playground area and are to be met by the homeroom teacher