Safety Plan - Severe Weather


  • In cases of potential severe weather, Bartow County Board of Education remains in contact with the Emergency Management Agency in our county and passes along information to our school through email, phone calls and fax.  
  • Severe weather is monitored by our school with television updates and the internet site
  • All students and faculty in portable classrooms are moved inside the main building when possible bad weather is approaching our area.
  • A severe weather drill is done periodically throughout the school year and documented. 
  • Severe weather drills are posted in all areas of the school.
  • Severe weather drills will be announced over the intercom system or bullhorn if the power has failed.


  1. Students will form a single file line quickly and quietly and leave the classrooms on an orderly fashion.
  2. Students will assume the severe weather drill position by facing the wall in the designated area and covering their head with a book.
  3. Teachers will ensure that all students are accounted for and will report any missing child to the administration.
  4. Teachers will remain with their class until the threat of bad weather has passed and the administration has given the all-clear to re-enter the classrooms.


  • Students who are in the lunchroom, library or computer lab will be taken by the personnel in charge and evacuated to a secure location.  Homeroom teachers must meet students at that location and call roll as soon as possible.
  • Students in P.E. will be taken by the P.E. teachers to a secure area near the gymnasium and are to be met by the homeroom teacher as soon as possible.