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I hope you are all as excited as I am for the beginning of the new school year!  I have many fun and exciting things to share with you throughout the year! Second grade can be an adjustment for some students and parents, but we will work together daily for great success!  The following information will be an overview of what to expect this year.

Content Learning:


Our Reading series will consist of 4 different books.  Reading test will come from vocabulary words used within the text of the story and skills that are taught during the lessons.  Please review the vocabulary words with your child each night.  Test will be on Friday, unless we have a short week at school.  


With the beginning of each Math unit, a letter will be sent home explaining what topics are being taught. Please review the pages that were worked in class, along with the completing the homework assigned each night.  This will help your child to understand the concepts.  Test will fall after a topic is complete, which could be on different days of the week.  Notice will be given in advance of test dates.  


The Spelling list will relate to the reading story for each week.  Homework for writing the spelling words are to be done on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights.  On Thursday the student may write the words again or you may choose to give them a trial test at home.  (They can write the words they miss.)  Test will be given on Friday.  


Students will be doing lots of writing this year.  Please take time to let them read their writings to you and give encouragement and praise.  We will have many graded writing assignments throughout the year. 


Language skills that will be taught are: complete and incomplete sentences, telling and asking questions, nouns, verbs, and adjectives.  Homework sheets will be sent home.  Please review these at home each night.  Weekly test will be given on the skill learned during that week.  

Social Living

We will alternate between Science and Social Studies units every two to three weeks.  The lesson will cover material on that particular unit and a study guide will be given, correctly filled out.  It will be sent home and please review nightly.  A test will be given at the end of each unit.  

Additional Practice and Policies:

Late Work

If for any reason a student is late turning in their homework, or their homework is not complete, they will be required to stay in class for recess and complete the missed work.   

Concerns with Academic

If  at any time you have concerns about the academics of your child, do not hesitate to contact me through the email I provided you or by leaving a message at the front office.  My job is to help to guide your child on their academic paths in a positive and encouraging manner, and with your support, together we will succeed. 

Homework Expectations

In order for your child to understand the concepts and lessons that are being presented, the homework that is assigned is to be thoroughly completed each night.  I will review and answer any questions that your child may have the next day that we return to school.  Please assist me in ensuring that your child works on and completes the homework assignments each night.  

The Grading System

A        100-93%

B           92-85%

C           84-75%

D           74-67%

F            66% and Below

Office Hours

Our school hours are from 7:30-3:30 Monday through Friday, with the exceptions of holidays.  The number to the office is 1-888-888-8888.  

Rules, Consequences, and Reward System

The rules in my classroom are: 1.) Come to Class Prepared,  2.) Be Respectful to Teacher, Others, and Yourself.  3.) Follow Teacher's Directions Allowing Yourself and Others to Learn.  4.) Listen When Others are Speaking.  The rules are discussed along with the Consequence Ladder to which all students have a clip with their name on it.  They all start on the chart in the Ready to Learn position.  From there as they make good choices they can move to Excellent Effort, Way to Go, and Super Student.  These are rewarded by a set number of tickets which can be used to 'buy' rewards throughout the year.  The ladder also has a place labeled Make Better Choices, Meet With the Teacher, and Parent Contact.  These are given when rules are not followed.  The student has the opportunity to move throughout the day and where they are at the end of the day is what will be marked on their conduct sheet.  The consequences are for either a loss of a priviledge or a parent note or call home.  

The reward system in the classroom will be established with a 'price' of tickets.  Such rewards are Cozy Toes, where your child can choose to enjoy the day in class without their shoes, an edible item such as popcorn, or the ability to wear sunglasses outside for recess.  

Grading the Student

The students will be graded on the test given each week.  They will also earn a conduct grade with their weekly conduct record sheet.  These grades will go according to the grading scale that is listed above.  Test papers and conduct sheets will go home on Wednesday nights in a Test Paper Folder for you to review with your child.  These papers are to be signed and returned on Thursday, or the next school day your child attends.  

Classroom Behavioral Expectations

The students will learn many procedures for positive classroom management.  The first procedure they will learn is the Morning Routine before the start of class.  This will prepare them for the day ahead.  The second is the correct way to safely use the computer, including the internet sites, and how to work through center time.  The third procedure will be the rules for going to and properly using the restroom.  The fourth procedure they will learn will be how to walk and use the hallway, as to not disturb other classes.  The fifth, and last procedure is learning what our lunchroom expectations are for the class.  These will be gone over daily  for the first few weeks of school, and periodically addressed as needed.  They will be reviewed again after we return from long breaks, such as our Winter and Spring Breaks.  

Thank you!

I want to thank you for your time and please let me know if there are any special conditions or concerns you may have for your child.  This way we can work together to have a productive and enjoyable year.  I am looking forward to all the great accomplishments and memories we will make together this year!  Thank you again for all your support and cooperation!  Let's make this a fantastic year!!


Mrs. Dana Sonnier