Ms. Donna's Pre-K Class

smiley As you know the 2012-2013 school year begins August 27th. Hooray!! Hooray!! Im so excited for the opportunity to teach your children ans give them the skills they need to succeed. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Ms. Donna (205) 966-6938 or dnpcrane@  smiley

August 24, 2012 

It is August and time for the new academic year to begin.  With that comes the time to evaluate each of our students and place them in the proper environments for them to achieve their best academically.  In order to do that, each student is being evaluated based on their age and developmental stage and will be placed in a room with other students at comparable levels so they can all learn together.    Once all of our students have been placed in the appropriate settings for their needs, we will be choosing the best curriculum for their age group and developmental levels.  The curriculum we are using is Christian structured Abeka curriculum. 

The transition to the new classrooms will occur this coming Monday.  Today, there is a list posted in their current classroom to show which students are moving and which class they are moving to.  If you have any concern about your child’s placement, please see the front office.

We will be holding an open house meet and greet on Friday, September 21st  from 4-6 PM so that parents can get a feel for the new classrooms and get a few moments to speak to the new teachers.  Please limit one on one time with the teachers during the open house so that all parents have the opportunity to speak with them.  If you would like more one on one time, you may call your child’s teacher at the center and schedule a private parent-teacher conference. 

Registration fees are also due at the beginning of each academic year.  This year’s registration period will run from Monday, August 27th to Friday, September 7th and will be $80 per child.

One last thing, just a reminder, tuition is due on Mondays.  Late fees are applied on Tuesdays.