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Updated 8/1/19

This website is for students and parents. My Flip the Classroom videos that I publish are here.smiley

6th Grade Math Georgia State Standards

There are several state standards that students will need to know before the end of the year. These standards are very important and will be emphasized in class often. The Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) are being used to teach lessons. Students also have prioritized standards that we will emphasize, but students are required to know ALL of the 6th grade standards.

To see the specific standards for 6th grade students, go to this link:


We will also work on Constructed Response questions. A quick look in 1) an online file on Constructed Response and 2) a personal video may answer questions about the process. These questions require students to read and write out answers (using the RACE strategy). The more they write with an understanding of the math topic, the better.

Flip the Classroom Videos

I will be creating a series of videos for the class. Please try to visit the video page at least once a week. Videos are considered "Pre-Activities". This means that they are designed for homework. My goal is to avoid videos over 5 minutes. They will be a lead in for stations and are a lesson preview. The pre-activity may include a short assignment. Once students get their Surface tablets, then they will be able to do more pre-activities (video reviewing) at home.