My Educational Philosophy


An Irish playwright, George Bernard Shaw wrote, “Man does not cease to play because he grows old; man grows old because he ceases to play”.  I believe that it is through play that much of children’s early learning is achieved.  I believe my role as a teacher is in extending play in the classroom by observing the children, interacting with them, giving further information, adding or changing materials as appropriate and providing a sense of direction.  According to Jean Piaget, the noted Swiss biologist and philosopher, “It is through play that children construct a sense of order and meaning out of their environment”.

My desire is to become an Early Childhood Education teacher.  This has been my dream since I was in the third grade role playing as a “pretend teacher” to my younger siblings.  As a teacher of young students, I will develop their need to feel a sense of trust, security and competence and  nourish their need to know, reason and to solve problems.  I will teach them how to be creative, develop physical coordination, and how to share experiences with other children and adults.

I will plan an environment in which children can try new ideas and skills, and apply what they have learned.  I will accept and value each child while ensuring each child grows and flourishes at his or her own pace in a safe, supportive environment where the child feels some ownership and empowerment.

As a teacher, I will provide a variety of resources.  I will design a schedule with time allowed for exploration and experimentation, and support individual choice from an assortment of activities, materials or equipment.  I will provide opportunities for students to share their creativity by designing display space, having “performance” opportunities during group time, and encourage children to interact with others both inside and outside the classroom.

I will meet the needs that teach physical skills through planning activities and will actively involve children in the gym, outdoors and in the classroom.

Providing opportunities for children to play and interact with both peers and adults is very important to me.  I will model social skills, such as, how to enter a group or how to interact at a party.

In addition to the above outline, I am committed to establishing a partnership with each child’s parents/caregivers and to sharing information regularly about each child’s progress.  I will accomplish this by clear and concise messages sent home often, by signs posted in each interest area conveying what children are learning and how parents/caregivers can participate, by regularly scheduled meetings to discuss topics of interest, and I will plan an open house where parents/caregivers can visit the classroom.

As a teacher, I will be resourceful, recognizing the “teachable moments” and involving the community around the school.  I will be attentive to the needs of all the children, including children from various cultures and those with special needs.

I am pursuing my passion with my desire to become a teacher because I truly want to make a positive difference in the lives of young students.  They deserve a good teacher who really cares about them and who is always looking out for their best interests.  I love working with children and being a part of their lives and I want to help them learn in any way that I can.