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All students have been given a homework folder. The students will continue to be assigned weekly homework.


I have signed up for "Remind" It is an app where you can receive reminders from me, directly to your phone. Click these links to sign up. (There are different links for the different classes)

Ms. Dolan's Homeroom

Ms. H's Homeroom


As a class, we are reading The Giver. We are engaged in group discussions and practicing valuable reading skills.

We have also began reading books independently, while marking our reading on post-its.

Marking Our ReadingHow to "mark your reading" (What to write on post-its)


  • text to self
  • text to text
  • text to world
  • text to media



  • What can you say about the text that isn't right there?





Important Events



This week, we are beginning our analysis of the story, "What Do Fish Have to Do With Anything?" by Avi. During this 3 day week, we will be finding significant moments in the story, deciding on a theme and begin to write our own analyses about our themes.


Social Studies

During this short week, we will be looking at sources to examine the consequences (both positive and negative) of the development of agriculture.


Important Dates

Parent Teacher Conferences are November 30. Please contact me to set up a time.

These days will be half days for the students.

No School: 24 and 25

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