Homework/ Updated April 28

Homework Assignment

Note homework assignments are subject to change based on the progess we make within the school day.   

Vocabulary Words:  screamed, numb, escape, fled, shuddered, imaged, newspaper

Spelling Words: basket, rabbit, napkin, letter,invite, bedtime,mammal, number,fellow,chapter, follow,problem, chicken, butter, sunday

Bonus: splendid, complete 


Monday: Reading: Book 1 p.89 Language Arts: Spelling 117 and  write a narrative story  Math:Book 3  p. 67-69

Tuesday: Reading:  Book 1 p. 174 Language Arts: Book 2 p.149 Math: CW.139

Wednesday:  Reading:  Book 1 .176  Language Arts: Book 2 p. 175    Math: CW.141

Thursday:  Reading: Worksheet   Language Arts: Study spelling words  Math: CW 142

Friday: Reading: Riverdeep  Math: Riverdeep


                                 Please remember to sign your child's agenda everynight. 


 Homework Policy 

1. Complete all homework assignments neatly and carefully.

2. Read and follow directions.

3. Keep homework in homework folder and bring to school daily. 


Seven missing homework assignments in one grading period will result in being issued a “3” for the study skills grade on the report card.