Classroom Guidelines

The Best Discipline is Self-Discipline


 3 Rs in the Classroom
  • Be kind to everyone in words and actions. 
  • Be a good listener to the teacher and to classmates.
  •  Follow directions and procedures.
  • Take care of materials.
  • Do your best in words and in actions.
  •  Help others.
  • Solve problems respectfully and responsibly.



 Classroom Code of Conduct

I shall do my best at all times.

I shall be honest.

I shall follow directions.

I shall show respect.

I shall keep hands, feet, and objects to myself.

I shall walk quietly in school.

I shall stay seated during sitting times.

I shall listen to people when they talk.

I shall keep all materials where they belong.

I shall leave gum, candy, and toys at home.

I shall work silently during silent work time.

I shall walk in line in the hallway and lunchroom.