About Me

Mrs. Day's Classroom Policy

Everyday in the classroom is a new adventure. I look forward to greeting your children each and every morning to see what exciting new things the day will hold for us. In our classroom we are a family and will always treat one another with kindness and respect.

Getting to know Mrs. Day

I am blessed with a wonderful husband and four fantastic children. My children are 22, 20, 18, and 14. I have four dogs that live in our house also. I have three miniature Daschunds and one very large English Mastiff.

I have lived in Mulvane almost all of my life and I graduated from Mulvane High School ( GO WILDCATS!) I began my career in education working as a Special Education Para. This was my driving force to return to college and earn my degree in Elementary Education from Southwestern College.

I am excited to spend my first year teaching 3rd grade in my hometown and with your children.

My Philosophy on Education

I believe that all children regardless of need, skill, or diversity (ethnic, social, or economical) should be provided a safe and positive learning environment that meets all of their educational needs. We shall set challenging, yet achievable, goals and expectations that will leave every child feeling successful.

It shall be the goal of the classroom teacher to set the standards that encourage the students to become independent learners. The teacher shall act as the guide to help students learn to self-question and let their natural curiosity walk them through the learning process. The teacher will also be able to recognize when a student is struggling with a skill or concept and be able to represent the material in a way that the student better understands what is being taught.

As teachers it is our job to continue to learn and grow so that we can always meet the ever changing needs and demands of our students. We must always be open to discovering new and different techniques to aid in the learning process. We must show patience and consistent consequences for poor choices while giving praise for hard work and determination.

Through our care and compassion all learners should feel as though they have accomplished something grand at the end of every school day. Students should be able to walk out of the building with a smile on their face and be excited to share all that was learned during the day.