Mr. Orban's 3rd Grade Classroom

Welcome to my classroom web page! I hope you find it to be helpful throughout the year!




                               *** List of Websites ***

   Epic!                            Spelling City              National Geographic for Kids                   

TumbleBook and TumbleMath            Prodigy                  Learning Games for Kids


Typing Club                                 SplashLearn 





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*** The Gillespie Public Library has added TumbleBook and TumbleMath to its website for our students to use during this closure.  The Gillespie Public Library website is: You can access it by clicking here.***


***Typing Club can be accessed at or here.***

***Had a great question from a parent, wondering if it was possible to find and print your child's math sheets online, in the case that he/she forgets to bring their math page home. I found this site that has all of the worksheets. All you have to do is download the chapter we are on from the list, then find and print whatever page you need. The worksheets can be found here. I will put what chapter we are on in the daily assignments section below.***



***Prodigy Math Practice*** Must be opened in Google Chrome. Click here. If that doesn't work, go to Prodigy.


Today's Assignments

      These are the assignments that need to be returned to school tomorrow, unless otherwise stated. Thank you!

Date: October 20, 2020

       Please check the date above to make sure these are today's assignments. I will try to update the assignments by 7:00 p.m. each night.


* - This is the assignment that I collected in class today, if they finished.


Reading -  

- Text Questions sheet

- study for quiz on "A Natural Beauty" p.94-97


Spelling -  




Math  - 

Practice Test



English (Grammar) -  





Soc. St. -  x


Writing - 





Reading Notes



                                                                                    Current Stories 

                   Small Book - Mary Anderson

                   Big Book - All Aboard.... - Quiz on October 8th

 Vocabulary Words - Quiz on October 8th



Math Notes

Here is a video for help with Rounding to the Nearest 10.

Rounding to the Nearest 10 Video


In the video, the teacher underlines the number in the tens' column and circles the number in the ones' column. I do it the opposite way. I circle the tens' digit and underline the ones' digit in our lesson.


Rounding to the Nearest Hundred


In the video, the teacher underlines the number in the hundreds' column and circles the number in the tens' column. I do it the opposite way. I circle the tens' digit and underline the ones' digit in our lesson.


Adding Mentally


This video is for the Chapter 2, Lesson 4 assignment.


Social Studies Notes




Missing Homework Assignments


I have had a couple of requests from parents to post any missing assignments their child may have. As this is a public web page available for every parent to view, I obviously cannot, and would not, share every student's name with their missing assignments for all to see. To attempt a compromise, I've given each student a 5-digit code by which you can see if your child has any missing assignments. The codes were sent home on the back of the information packet I gave to everyone at the beginning of the year.

Here are the missing assigments:


Updated - 8/17 (* - denotes that it is turned in, but needs corrected)


51223 - (none)

11181 - (none)

11225 - (none)

91945 - (none)

38161 - (none)

41451 - (none)

21871 - (none)

12251 - (none)

21813 - (none)

38151 - (none)

51321 - (none)

21885 - (none)

14152 - (none)

21231 - (none)

41191 - (none)

31581- (none)

19175 - (none)

13112 - (none)

31589 - (none)

21831 - (none)


Most Recent Newsletter



 I tried to find a way to make this font on the newsletter easier to read, but this

is the way it copies and appears when I copy and paste it on here.


The newsletter will return when students are in school.








         September Birthdays         



                                                                     Chevelle - 3rd

                                                                     Bailey - 7th

                                                                   Brooklyn - 10th

                                                                     Brody - 22nd