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Career Research 

Directions: This oneline research has several steps. . . .

 First, to this website     You should be able to click on it and have it open in a separate window.  If the link doesn't work, copy and paste the address into a new window.

 Second, open a Microsoft Word document.  Copy and paste the black text below into your word document.  (Notice that there are five questions to copy.) Save it! 

Third, using the Branigan's website, take notes directly into the document you have created.

Fourth, watch out that you don't plagiarize!

Fifth, save often!


 Careers Project Computer Research

Your Name: ________________________________________________ Period: ______

Name of Job: ________________________________________________


1.  List 4 tasks or describe 4 things you would do if you had this job:           










2.  What kind of education or training do you need to do this job?






3.  Salary:  (How much $ will you make?)



4.  List 2 other jobs that are similar to this job:                                               




5.  Now Google your job and see what other info you can find. (Wikipedia is probably going to give you more info but it’s not always accurate...)