Unit 3: Linear Relationships

Grade 8, Unit 3: Linear Relationships

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Lesson 1 – Understanding Proportional Relationships

Lesson 1




8.3.1 Morgan

Lesson 2 – Graphs of Proportional Relationships

Lesson 2




8.3.2 Morgan

Lesson 3 – Representing Proportional Relationships

Lesson 3

Graphing proportional relationships: Unit Rate


Graphing Proportional Relationships from a table


Graphing proportional relationships from an equation

Graphing Proportional Relationships


8.3.3 Morgan

Lesson 4 – Comparing Proportional Relationships

Lesson 4

Rates and proportional relationships example


Rates and proportional relationships: gas mileage

Rates and proportional relationships


Quiz 1




8.3.4 Morgan

Lesson 5 – Intro to Linear Relationships

Lesson 5




8.3.5 Morgan

Lesson 6 – More Linear Relationships

Lesson 6




8.3.6 Morgan

Lesson 7 – Representation of Linear Relationships

Lesson 7

Linear and nonlinear functions: missing value



8.3.7 Morgan

Lesson 8 – Translating to y=mx + b

Lesson 8

Intro to slope-intercept form


Graph from slope-intercept equation




8.3.8 Morgan

Lesson 9 – Slopes Don’t have to be Positive

Lesson 9

Intro to intercepts


Slope-intercept equation from slope & point


Linear & nonlinear functions: word problems

Intercepts from a graph


Slope from graph


Slope-intercept intro


Graph from slope-intercept from


Slope-intercept equation from graph



8.3.9 Morgan

Lesson 10 – Calculating Slope

Lesson 10


Slope from two points


8.3.10 Morgan

Lesson 11 – Equations of All Kinds of Lines

Lesson 11

Converting to slope-intercept form


Worked examples: slope-intercept intro

Slope-intercept from two points



Quiz 2


8.3.11 Morgan

Lesson 12 – Solutions to Linear Equations

Lesson 12

Solutions to 2-variable equations


Worked example: solutions to 2-variable equations

Solutions to 2-variable equations


8.3.12 Morgan

Lesson 13 – More Solutions to Linear Equations

Lesson 13

Completing solutions to 2-variable equations


x-intercept of a line


Intercepts from an equation


Worked example: intercepts from an equation

Complete solutions to 2-variable equations


Intercepts from an equation


Quiz 3


8.3.13 Morgan

Lesson 14 – Using Linear Relations to Solve Problems

Lesson 14




8.3.14 Morgan




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