For the emaining weeks of September our class will be studying Foods and Nutrition.  We will be making our food pyramids and Our Very Hungry Caterpillar.  I will need everyone's help for our next bulletin board.  Please send me a picture of your child eating their favorite nutritious food as soon as possible.  We will mount these on paperplates and display for all to see.  I am amazed at the variety of foods they like.We have many fun songs, food graphs, art activities, etc. to study this unit.  We even learn about our digestive systems with a fun book entitled, What Happens To A Hamburger and I Ate A Big Breakfast song.  I'm sure they would enjoy telling you about it.  On Friday we will be having our food group tasting party. 

We are concluding our math pattern games.  The children are making patterns out of anything and everything we can find.  This week we will be eating our math by making patterned fruit kabobs out of green and red apples and grapes.