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October 25th, 2010

Algebra I - Complete Aplus lessons for your grade today. After you login to Aplus proceed to Doyle-Algebra1.  Complete three of the lessons. These lessons cover what we have been practicing for over a week. No excuses about no knowing how to do the assignments. If you need extra help, review the videos we watched last week on the Algebra 1 page on this site. 

Geometry -  Open book to Chapter 4. At the beginning (before section 4.1) find the list of vocabulary words. Define all of them for your grade today. Turn in that page with your name at the top. Some of them you may already know from previous lessons, if so, define in your own words if necessary. 

Algebra 2 -  Write a two paragraph essay (4-5 sentences each) and tell me everything you know about Graphing and Linear Equations. If you don't know everything you should to complete this assignment.. look it up, Chapter 2 of your text. Your essay must include the following terms. Quadrant(s), Coordinates, Standard Form (Linear Equation), Y-Intercept, Slope

Personal Finance - Write a short essay(1/2 page to 1 page) on the topic:  "Time=Money: What Does That Mean to You?"   Label the top of the page with this heading and put your name on it and turn it in for your grade today. 

 Accounting - Open Textbook to Chapter 3. Review first section and write short synopsis of what we will be covering in this lesson. This will be your grade for today. Name at top of your paper and turn it in.