Homework Page

Parents are asked to encourage their children to make good use of their school planners, a very valuable organizational tool.  Please use this page to verify assignments or clarify details.


Language Arts:  Finish the draft of your letter to your sixth grade teacher. 

Religion: Attend Mass - celebrate the Ascension!

Please Note:  All school-owned textbooks on loan to families must be returned on Friday, June 3rd.  Don't forget drink and snack for FUN DAY.

Note: When fifth graders miss a Religion, Spelling, Grammar, or Treasures test, they will need to make it up before or after school on the next school day or as soon as possible.  This policy is stated in the School Handbook, page 14.4.  Your child can arrange the test time with me or you can e-mail me to set the time.  Making up a test promptly ensures that information that was studied is less likely to be forgotten, but a quick review before the make-up test is recommended.