Important announcements!

I am impressed to see that many of you log onto the reading and math sites.

Congratulations to Dhruv Patel for moving on the next level in Math.

Congratulations to Ali,Aditi, Arjun, Bina, Dhruv, Hamza, Jes, Keemi, Kiara, Kisan, Meet, Reggie,  and Svastik for moving on the next level in reading.



I have an exciting news to share with all of you! I have two great programs to enhance reading and math skills for your child.

a) It is a great site to improve reading and fluency skills for your child. Please make sure your child logs onto the classroom blog and log onto razkids. This is a great opportunity to improve his or her  comprehension  and retelling skills.

b) this one will improve basic math fact skills for your child. Students have to complete 100 addition /subtraction/multiplication/ division skills in less than 3 minutes.


Thank you for coming to the Parent Literacy Workshop. It was a grand success and  I sincerely appreciate your support and cooperation.


I was very pleased to see all of you who could make it to the Open House!!!!!!

Please check my blog for daily homework at