Meeting Minutes



11/10/10 at 7 p.m.


Ann Twomey – CoPresident

MaryAnnJasper – CoPresident

Marcia Sullivan – VicePresident

Ann Karavitis – Treasurer

Fran Mejino – Corresponding Secretary

Mrs. Blase – Teacher Representative

Maria McBeth – Student Enrichment

Tracy Capparelli – Fundraising

Mary Pancotto - Parent

Lynn Hylard Gallery – Special Lunch 


Principal Report – Ann Twomey spoke on behalf of Mr. Spatara.  Discussed the Fannie May fundraiser.  Mr. Spatara wrote a note stating that the program was voluntary and the parishioners need to support programs.  Tracy Capparelli commented that she wanted clarification how the program benefits the school.  Mrs. Blasé reported that the program helps the religious education students as well as DP students, particularly the 2nd graders who use the sacramental books.  It was decided that further clarification of the program needs to be explained in the church bulletin and to the DP student’s families, as public student’s families also support the school.

There was also discussion on FSA role in the upcoming Spring Fling.  On November 17, 2010 in the Mayfair room there is a meeting to discuss the plans.  $30,000 is budgeted for the event.  The Spring Fling is run by parent volunteers.  

The BSJ is not directly involved in fundraising.  Discussion on the Board of Specified Jurisdiction was explained: Focus is on Mission effectiveness, State the mission, Institutional planning (marketing) fiscal management, and member development.  They are also focusing on identifying the school’s greatest need.  They are 100% supportive of parents.

Teacher’s Report – Ms. Blase talked about the 1st and 2nd grade getting Smart-boards from the proceeds of the Book Fair.  The book fair earned the highest amount thus far, $2, 000.  We will do another book fair during Grandparents week.  Mrs. Blase stated that she is focusing on the 20th century inquiry based learning, USA guidebook, Famous people, landmarks, and holidays.  The kids are very excited about it!  She also is using the Superkids activities and Scholastic news magazine.  She used the computer to teach the kids about the Venus Fly plant.  She is looking forward to learning to use the Smart-Board and to getting a bigger screen.  Implementation of the Smart board is expected before Christmas.  The Smart-Boards were decided to be used in the classrooms with the greatest amount of students.  Hopefully, by next fall there will be more in the classrooms.  

Treasurer Report – Ann Karavitis discussed the budget (July to June).  This was a good month!! We made money on, the dues from payment night, $2600 deposit, Innisbrook, $3575,  and Halloween.  The taffy apple proceeds were good as well.  Ann encouraged receipts to be turned in from Halloween so a final tally can be determined. There still are pizza costs and construction/decoration costs.  Check with Mike Chlada and Jeff Nowicki for outstanding amounts.  Encourage Market day sales in November and December. Balance is $11,500.00

Chair Reports: 

Hospitality: Haven’t heard from Jill Franklin – Guessing everything is good.

Lynn Gallery asked to speak prior to chair reports.  She commented that she is not able to participate in school functions due to personal reasons and is stepping down from her committees.  Special Lunch was discussed.  Fran Mejino stated that she will remain on the committee but will not be able to manage.  Marcia Sullivan who is also on the committee will help but going into busy season at work.  It was suggested to put in Connections to get volunteers, put a positive spin on it.  A restaurant needs to be determined, negotiate the pricing with the restaurant, collection of money and sending out a memo to families, count money, order and pick up the lunch for the specific day to distribute to the students.  December 9 is the next lunch.  This will be discussed with Mr. Spatara.  Other committees that Lynn Gallery is on, such as Book Fair (12 hours) the next one in January and class-room parties will be discussed with Mr. Spatara for coverage.

In – School Services: MaryAnn Jasper and Maria Mc Beth talked about a program on Bullying that wants to be presented to the students and the adults, possibly in January due to Catholic Schools week.  The program is called “Countdown to Character”, costing approximately $600 to 700.  The website for review is Tim Hanigan is the speaker and MaryAnn reports that he is good/interactive speaker.  This program was presented at the White House and the program is based in Illinois.  The program focuses on self-esteem and values with the children and adults.  It was discussed to have a Family night assembly as well. Will check availability of the presentation.  All agreed that it would be a good investment to the school.

Art projects were discussed and decorating the tree at the Brookfield Zoo.  All the students are involved and having fun!!  Karen Pauluskas asked FSA to donate some money towards the project.  It was agreed to give $100 for supplies.  There was a question whether the students were decorating the tree.  The tree will be completed the week of Thanksgiving.  There will be free parking at the zoo for the service project.      

Ms. Osciweicz is getting married.  FSA will give $50 to purchase a gift card.  Possibly to use Manna to purchase Bed Bath Beyond or where she is registered.  It was agreed to use $50.  

Fund-raising Committee: Tracy Caparelli commented on the Bunco Night with Adults with a Split the pot.  Dates were discussed, Friday January 21 or Saturday January 22 at 7 p.m.  Location to be discussed, gym or Mayfair room.  We will check to see if there are sporting events scheduled.  Food was discussed, appetizers or desserts to be determined.  Beverages to be determined.  Liquor license for night will be $50 and an additional $25 for village.  The application process takes awhile and there was a discussion on getting an extended license for Spring Fling as well .  To be discussed with Char via email.   Time limit approximately 3 hours and admission fee $25 for the night.  Tracy commented that the dice and favors are at the dollar store.  We would need paper or tally sheets to keep score.  Advertise in the Westchester paper, (find out the cost,) church bulletin, Conboy funeral home, Park district, Chamber of commerce, etc.  There will be a need for 6-8 volunteers.  Will have a planning meeting the 1st week of December.  FSA will check with the board, school, and confirm the date with Mr. Spatara.  Split the pot will need 1 volunteer.  Everyone is excited about this fundraiser!!

Debriefing on Halloween.  It was a success! There was discussion on too many pizzas ordered, especially the night of the pizza public nights. Pizzas were taken home.  Thank you to Mike Chlada for ordering the pizzas at Mattone.  Possibly for next year just tacos or hotdogs.  It was also brought up that the night of the school party people cleaned up too quickly and a bit disorganized.  Announcements were made that the haunted house was opening to the public.  Will communicate better next year.  The school party had a good turn out and the DJ was enjoyed.  It seemed everyone had a good time and the kids could have danced longer.  

Ann Twomey announced that there needs to be volunteers at the church masses on November 20 and 21 to set up serve, and clean up for a thanking of the parishioners for their support at the school.  She will check if the Connection hours apply.  A notice will go out in the school envelopes for donations for bakery goods as well.  Pearl Glorioso to head up.  Students are asked to wear school uniforms if volunteering and will get an out of school uniform pass.  Reading at mass or greeters are needed.  

Water fountain was discussed to be fixed by Maintenance.  

Other Business: Date of the next Meeting scheduled for December 8, 2010 at 7 p.m.  

Meeting Adjourned at 8:20 p.m.