Parent Resources

Great websites for parents and a description of what you’ll find on the site:

An excellent place to start researching topics on the web is called the Child & Family Webguide. This site reviews and rates websites using a "star" system that easily allows you to tell what the reviewers thought of certain websites.

Parents Magazine offers an interesting and informative site that is hard to leave!  Topics include pregnancy, advice on children by age, family time, and community.

Please visit the following website to get tips on how to help children  of all ages deal with the subject of war.

The Learning Network’s "Parent Channel" is another great website. This site has lots of information and links to newsletters about specific topics and activities for children.

ADDitude magazine is a magazine for parents of children with ADD/ADHD or for adults with ADD/ADHD.

       This is a useful website for parents of children with attention problems.

Reading books to children about different topics is a great way to help children process their emotions.

The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry is a website with lots of fact sheets for families. This website has different pages for different topics that parents may want to explore. For instance, a trip to this website can answer questions like the following:

"Why can’t my child pay attention?"

"My child has been lying lately, is that normal?"

"My husband has been diagnosed with depression. How will our children be affected?"

If you have a question about a particular topic, this website is a good place to start.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has good resources for parents on keeping children safe.

This website is quoted as being the "most comprehensive special education advocacy site of the internet." Pamela Darr Wright, LCSW (Liscenced Clinical Social Worker) put this site together. It has different topics relating to children who might have attentional problems or who might need special education services but also has an overview of child development.

This website clearly states and explains the developmental stages of childhood as researched by Jean Piaget.


This website provides information about divorce and how it affects children who are in different stages of development.


The following is a website that discusses what a school counselor does and ways he/she can help students. It also has links to various topics related to parents and parenting.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This is an excellent online resource for health information