About Me


I'll never forget my favorite teacher, Ms. Aimee Berger, who said that, "Everything there is to know is in between the ears of other people." When she first said it, the words just flowed out eloquently impromptu with her usual savior faire. I'm not sure if when she made the comment she realized the profound lesson about teaching, learning, and life in her words. Everything there is to know, everything that is not discovery, is alive in the minds and experiences of those around us.  Some may argue that in the Age of Information we live in is impersonal, and others may argue that we are more connected; but we may at times take for granted that all of  the knowledge available to us at our fingertips is available because of the kindness of others. To this extent, whether I am the instructor or the student, with great respect, I am thankful for the lessons I can learn and share. Wherever we are in life, we are each learning and exploring the lessons life has to offer us. When we share our experiences with others, we become teachers and passers of the valuable lessons we have learned. While it is important to meet learning outcomes, it is equally important to establish environments where many friendships, jokes, and mistakes are made.  When we recognize that learning is not a singular and solo venture, but a multi-faceted experience to share with others ~ naturally fun aspects of the learning process to be embraced. Open communication, honesty, and building lifelong friendships with colleagues, students, and teachers helps us grow the cumulative knowledge we all share as humans, and in turn we better our world every step of the way. 



Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Texas at Dallas, Graduated December 2018

Associate's in Science with an emphasis in Mechanical Engineering from Richland College of the DCCCD 

December 2015


Master of Arts in T.E.S.O.L from The University of Texas at Arlington

May 2007


Bachelor's in Fine and Studio Arts with an emphasis in Printmaking from The University of Texas at Arlington

December 2004




Engineering Ethics - Assisting Grader to the Professor - The University of Texas at Dallas Fall 2017 - Fall 2019

Circuits - tutoring in the Richland College STEM Lab - Spring 2015

Statics - tutoring  in the Richland College STEM Lab - Spring 2015


Listening & Speaking

ESOL 0034 Level 4 Academic Listening & Speaking; ESOL 0033 Level 3 Academic Listening & Speaking;

ESOL 0032 Level 2 Academic Listening & Speaking; ESOL 0031 Level 1 Academic Listening & Speaking

ESOL 0036 Skill Development in Listening & Speaking - Accent Reduction


ESOL 0043 Level 3 Reading; ESOL 0042 Level 2 Reading; ESOL 0041 Level 1 Reading


ESOL 0054 Level 4 Grammar;  ESOL 0053 Level 3 Grammar;

ESOL 0052 Level 2 Grammar;  ESOL 0051 Level 1 Grammar


ESOL 0064 Level 4 Writing; ESOL 0063 Level 3 Writing

ESOL 0062 Level 2 Writing; ESOL 0061 Level 1 Writing


AVID Instructor - Richland College Collegiate High School

ESL Teacher - Catholic Charities

TAKS Tutor - Fort Worth Independent School District

Private Art Lessons



"Everything there is to know is in between the ears of other people."

~ Aimee Berger