We expect our students to exhibit the three Be's while at school:  BE RESPONSIBLE

                                                                                                         BE RESPECTFUL

                                                                                                         BE RESOURCEFUL

To provide an environment where all students can learn, the following steps are taken to monitor student behavior:

  • 1st - verbal warning
  • 2nd - documented warning/parent contact by phone, email, or planner
  • 3rd - ABE Module/parent contact via phone, email, or planner  (ABE is a computer based behavioral remediation tool)
  • 4th -  parent conference  (parent must come to school and meet with teachers and administration)
  • 5th - sent to administrator

Serious forms of misbehavior such as fighting, bullying in any form, profanity in any form and disrespect are zero tolerance behaviors and will constiture a direct referral to the administrator.