SMART Board Info

I love my SMART Board!  I wonder how I taught without it! 

SMART Board Tips:

*Create a "Daily" section in "My Content".  This can be a place for timers, lined pages, assignment sheets, random generators, and anything else you use on a regular basis.

*Create a "Brain Break" section in "My Content."  You can easily go to this page when you need to fill a few minutes of time in the classroom or if you just need a little break.  Here are a few ideas for this page:

1. Make up a story.  Each person adds one sentence to the story. 

2. Write as many words as you can that fit in a certain category: beginning with a letter of the alphabet, nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, science words, math words, states, etc.

3. Write in code.  Create a slide with a code such as A=1, B=2.  Kids can use the code to write their names, spelling words, or sentences.

4. Write a number on the top of the slide.  How many ways can you make this number?  For example, if the number is 15 - you can write 14+1 or 3x5 or 20-5.  Can also write a dollar amount and kids can create ways to make that amount with coins.

5. Find an interesting picture to discuss or write about.

6. Write spelling words one letter at a time.

7. Here are a few fun websites when you need a break: