Notes from 4th


Notes from 4th Grade

April 5, 2019

Next week we will have our first visitor from a charitable organization come to talk to us about philanthropy and how to make a difference in our community as part of our Community Partners Program (CPP). On Monday, the students will meet a pony from Wings of Hope, an equine therapy organization, to learn about how horses can help people overcome physical, mental, and emotional difficulties. Here’s the rest:


Science: This week we a Quiz on Thurs April 11 over Newton’s Laws and Simple Machines. Use Quizlet, the Review coming home in this Friday Folder, and the In-Class Practice once completed and reviewed. What about RADs? As per Robin Preston, in 5th grade students are expected to invest one hour per evening doing homework with more time to prepare for science quizzes once or twice weekly. We want to develop a homework habit, RADs are due Thursdays and assigned six days in advance.


Language Arts:  April is Poetry Month!  Over the next several weeks, we will discuss various kinds of poems and their characteristics, such as rhyme, form, rhythm, stanzas, and verses.

Next week, we will also begin our novel study of Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo- an exciting adventure that chronicles the journey of a unique and courageous mouse, Despereaux Tilling!  

*Bio Baby report final copies and “baby” designs are due on Thursday, April 11.  Presentations will begin the week of April 15 in language arts classes.

*DOL Quiz on Friday, April 12.

Math:    We continue working with volume, capacity, weight, and mass. And we will continue assessing all concepts covered this year.


Vocabulary/Spelling: This week we began working on Wordly Wise Lesson 16. Activities 16A-16D are due Monday April 8th. Our Vocabulary and Spelling tests will take place on Wednesday April 10th.


Social Studies:    We have learned about the French and Indian War this week. We will move on to causes of the American Revolution next week.


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The Fourth Grade Team


Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend.

Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.

  • Groucho Marx

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