Science Expo 2018

TVS 4th Grade SCIENCE EXPO 2018

  • Look for STEP 1 paperwork coming home Friday September 28.
  • Keep all copies of Green sheets safe, Drafts, and Feedback in the Projects section of your Black Science Binder.
  • Always wait for my feedback and instructions before moving to the next step!


STEP 1 two pages...Letter/ Parent Agreement, Top 3 Choices sent home Friday Sept 28, due Thurs Oct 4


STEP 2 Research and write a Scripted Explanation 1st draft due Thurs Oct 18
Sample Scripted Explanation is included at link for STEP 2

Find a template for the Scripted Explanation HERE.


STEP 3 Gather supplies and practice, use your script to create a Storyboard drafts due Thurs Nov 1

You can find the Storyboard Template HERE and an Example Storyboard HERE

A digital template for typing in boxes is HERE

Be sure your science explanation is on your storyboard, don't leave it out!


STEP 4 Practice with storyboard to make video on Flipgrid, comment on other videos. Click on the code below, click the orange QR icon, and scan the QR code given to you by DrB. Computers record better audio, or download Flipgrid to use a mobile device.

Grids open Nov 1, videos are due Nov 8, Comments on classmates are due Nov 14

1) Make a video using Flipgrid, your time goal is 3-5 min. I will review for quality of presentation before your video will be visible to classmates. Review your own video, you may need to try a few times to get it the way you want it. Do not read, present.

2) After your video is Ok'd by me it will be visible to classmates, then watch the videos of 5 classmates NOT in your homeroom.

3) Post a comment that includes A) a thoughtful science question, AND B) an encouraging comment by Wed Nov 14.


STEP 5 Everyone bring your supplies in a well labeled box to the our classroom due Nov 12/13


  • Nov 13-15 Mon-Wed present in science class; d'A-Tues or Wed, Melton-Mon or Tues, Sosa-Mon or Wed
  • Nov 15 Thurs for TVS families and students 2:15-3:15PM
  • Nov 16 Fri for Grandparents' Day 9:30-10:30AM