Science RADs


In 4th Grade science we have homework that requires DOING, THINKING, and WRITING. These tasks are Research And Development called RADs.

Why do RADs?

  1. To create interest and questions about science.
  2. To connect our science class to the world outside of school.
  3. To practice the skills of science.
  4. To share science with friends and family.
  5. To develop a homework habit that will be needed for 5th grade. 5th Grade expects 1 hour per night of homework and more on test weeks.

When are they assigned?  RADs go home in the Friday Folder.

How much time should we expect to invest? 30-60 minutes per week

What is needed? Needs vary, you may need...

  1. Common household, yard, kitchen, recycled, or junk draw items.
  2. Technology to document with a picture or video.
  3. Access to people to survey, an adult to assist, with travel, or for safety.

What do we turn in? Return the RADs paper completed and on time. Be ready to share your learning experience with your group, or the class.

When are RADs due? Turn in the following Thursday. RADs can also be submitted, as early as Monday, to the colored Homeroom folder near the crates.

How much time are we given? RADs go home Friday and are always due the following Thursday so we can discuss them in class. Friday to Thursday is 6 days.

How are RADs graded? RADs are given a check plus, check, check minus, or zero.

What if I get stressed about RADs? Begin RADs before Wednesday night to leave time to ask questions in class. RADs allow for creativity, choice, and fun, approach them from this frame of mind.