Physical Science Policies

Wickliffe High School Physical Science

Policy Sheet and Syllabus


Mrs. Carey, Room 134


Textbook- Prentice Hall, Physical Science Concepts in Action


Materials- 3 ring binder (at least 1½“, dedicated only to Physical Science), loose-leaf paper, dividers, blue or black pen, pencil, highlighter, covered textbook


Class Rules

  1. All rules and procedures as written in the school handbook apply. Please read these carefully, as ignorance does not make you “not guilty”.
  2. You will be seated and ready to learn with all of your materials when the bell rings.
  3. Respect for yourself, for others, for the teacher, and for property must be shown at all times.
  4. Paying attention to the teacher is essential to learning. Please allow others the opportunity to pay attention by being quiet and attentive in class.
  5. There will be lots of assignments, and a test or quiz at least once a week. Please be prepared and study your book and notes daily.
  6. Classwork will be graded on a participation basis. If you complete it to the best of your ability, you will receive completion points. Tests and quizzes will be the major portion of your grade, so please make sure that you are studying your text and classwork daily.
  7. Restroom and water breaks may be taken when there is a lull in class. You will use your passport and have it completely filled out when you come up to the teacher’s desk. Please do not be disruptive, and be as quick as possible so that you do not miss a lot of material. You will be able to use your passport three times per quarter.
  8. No food, drink, candy, gum, or electronic devices (MP3 players, iPods, games, CD players, Palm Pilots, cell phones, etc.) are allowed in class.
  9. This class comes with a $16.00 lab fee used to pay for materials that we use throughout this course.



  1. Please be seated as soon as the bell rings, take out your materials and be ready to work. If there is an assignment, or bell ringer, on the board, please begin working on it as soon as class starts. You will have just a few minutes to work on it before it is to be turned in. Make sure that you write down the day’s homework in your assignment planner.
  2. If you are not in the room when the bell rings, you are tardy. Three tardies =  detention, which will be served at my discretion. Each tardy after the first three will also result in a detention, with more than six requiring a visit to the office.
  3. If you cut class, meaning an unexcused absence, it will be reported to the office and you will not receive credit for the day’s work.
  4. If you are absent, you have the number of days you were absent to make up the work. If you miss a test, it must be made up the day you return. Ask a classmate for the assignment, then you may ask me for clarification after class.
  5. Late work will be accepted for reduced credit after the due date, but will never be worth more than half credit. After the chapter is complete, late work will not be accepted for credit.
  6. Cheating will not be tolerated. If you are suspected of or are caught cheating, you will receive a zero for that assignment/test. You will also receive a detention. If you are caught more than once, you will be sent to the office and parent/guardian will be notified.
  7. Binders will be checked at the end of each quarter. You will be shown how to organize your binder the first quarter, then you will be on your own.
  8. Homework may be checked for completion points or collected and graded. It is your responsibility to do your best on all assignments.
  9. Grades are based on a points earned/points possible basis.
  10. Test and quizzes will be given periodically depending upon time and content. The format will be dependent upon what we are studying.
  11. Extra credit will be offered on a periodic basis. It is to your advantage to complete the assignments even if you don’t need them at the time, because there will not be any “last ditch” extra credit at the end of a quarter.
  12. Extra help will always be given to those who ask. I will work with you to find an agreeable time to meet.



This is a rough outline of what we will be covering throughout the year. The class will move very quickly, and you will be responsible for your own work.


Science Skills, Lab Skills, Math Skills

Matter- States and Properties of

Atomic Structure

The Periodic Table

Chemical Bonding, Reactions, Solutions

Motion and Forces

Work, Power, and Machines


Mechanics- waves, light, etc.



Other policies, rules, and situations will be discussed as the need arises. I am looking forward to working with you this year!