Elements of Culture: Language

One element of culture is LANGUAGE.

Your job as a group is to make a Popplet that teaches the class all about languages.

Your Popplet must:

  • Provide a kid-friendly definition for language
  • Explain why language is an important part of culture
  • Identify three languages other than English that are spoken around the world
  • List reasons why languages around the world are becoming endangered
  • Teach the class how to say “hello” in three other languages

Be creative and have fun. Make sure your Popplet contains at least three pictures.  Your group will present your Popplet to the class for a presentation grade. Use the graphic organizer to make sure you have compiled all of the necessary information to create your popplet.  The websites provided below are the only websites that you may use for this assignment. You may not copy word for word from any of these websites.
1. Come up with a definition of language. (You may use a dictionary)

Language is an important part of our lives. It is a uniquely human gift which lets us communicate. Language differentiates us from primates.  (Brighthub) 

Language is an extremely important part of culture. People belonging to the same culture are joined by a common language and it allows them to communicate with one another.  (From http://www.ccf-oran.org)


2. Explain why language is an important part of culture.



3. Share 3 of the most common languages spoken in the world.


4. Explain how languages become endangered.



5. Share three ways to say hello in other languages