Elements of Culture - Arts and Literature

One element of culture is Arts and Literature

Your job as a group is to make a Popplet that teaches the class all about art and literature.

Your Popplet must:

*Provide a kid-friendly definition for art/literature

*Pick three different decades in history from 1900 – 1990 and identify what major event(s) were taking place

*Identify 2-3 famous people from that era and what they were famous for doing

Be creative and have fun. Make sure your Popplet contains at least three pictures and you can explain those pictures. Your group will present your Popplet to the class for a presentation grade. The websites provided below are the only websites you may use for this assignment. You may not copy word for word from any of these websites.

1. Definition of art/literature.  (You may use a dictionary)

2. Identify three different decades from 1900-1990 and state what major event was taking place that would impact American culture

3. For each decade identify 2-3 famous people and state what they are known for doing